Nobody knows her name…

Hello WordPress! It’s taken me several weeks since I created this account to actually post anything, which annoys me greatly. Nonetheless, I thought I should first introduce myself a bit, so that my future posts here are a little easier to understand.

I am a teenage writer. Or at least that’s how I view myself. I currently am a high school junior in the IB program. In other words, I have hardly any free time and get almost zero sleep, which means keeping up with regular posts is going to be hard. Despite this, I will try my best to post once or twice a week. Outside of academics, I play soccer for my school’s team. I have been playing for about 12 years now, but I’m still not that great of a player. However, I play because I love the game and I enjoy doing it, not because I want to be a professional soccer player. Also, I do write stories and poetry, although I really only have time to work on them during the weekend. I am currently working on two stories: one is an Invader Zim fanfiction, and the other is an original horror/thriller story. I will post links to them at the end of this entry.

Besides the pastimes I mentioned above, I also listen to a lot of music. I mean, a LOT of music. In fact, I’m going to my first concert tomorrow night. It’s a Kamelot concert, and I am SO excited!I will make sure to make a post about it within the next few days, and maybe even post a few pictures from it. Anyways, I mainly listen to Rock and Metal, but I also listen to other genres a fair amount. My favorite band is 30 Seconds to Mars (Echelon for life!), with Kamelot coming in as a close second. My favorite solo singer is P!nk, with Vanessa Carlton being my second favorite. I also listen to Disturbed, Three Days Grace, Poets of the Fall, Juli, Within Temptation, Theatre of Tragedy, Rise Against, and Linkin Park (their old stuff, that is), just to name a few.

One other thing you have to know about me is that I love cartoons. I love them so much. I really dislike a lot of the shows on television, especially American shows (I watch a lot of British shows, such as Doctor Who and Broadchurch). However, I find many cartoons much more rewarding and entertaining. A few of my favorites are: Invader Zim, Adventure Time, The Legend of Korra, Avatar, Danny Phantom, Teen Titans and The Amazing World of Gumball. I will explain my love for cartoons more in depth in another post, but I just wanted to mention it in this once. Also, I am interested in doing cartoon reviews, but I haven’t decided whether I will or not yet.

So, there’s some information about me. Now, why I am I writing a blog? Well, I love writing out my feelings, thoughts, experiences, etc., and a blog is a great place to do that. Also, this is part of my CAS hours (aka community service hours) for my IB diploma. I will be making a second blog to document and discuss my other CAS activities, which I will post a link to when I make it. So, what will  be writing about in this blog? My life, my experiences, my thoughts. I’m not sure EXACTLY what I will post, but I am going to go wherever the wind takes me.

Lastly, I want to mention that my titles will always be a bit weird. I title my posts with song lyrics from bands/singers that I love. This one is from “If Tomorrow Came” by Kamelot. I also will have a “Band/Singer of the Month” kind of thing with these titles, so that every post in one month will have a line from a particular band/singer’s songs. This month’s artist is Kamelot, and I might just carry it over into October as well.

So, that’ s about it for this post. See you in a few days!


Beginnings and Endings (Invader Zim fanfction):

Curiosity (Original story):